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a toy with every transaction

One of the smart new housing developments in Dubai has an ad on the side of the buses: An Audi with every apartment, a Porsche with every Penthouse. When you have seemingly unlimited resources, who needs to be clever?

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I woke up at 2.00 the other morning. My head wouldn’t stop, so I got up and spent a few hours on the computer. At 4.30 Allison brought Kyria (5 weeks) out to the room I was working in; she … Continue reading

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nothing happened, again

There used to be a Fall song that started with Mark E. Smith declaiming through some kind of megaphone: All those who entitle themselves, or whose main entitle is themselves, shall feel the wrath of my bombast! before the band … Continue reading

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old meaning new

Dubai’s newest development, Burj Dubai, will contain the tallest building in the world – briefly. Its developer Emaar’s chief competitor, Nakheel, has an even taller one planned for the causeway to one of the vast artificial islands it is constructing … Continue reading

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