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more bad news to ignore

Stories yesterday in the Guardian and the Independent about how carbon emissions are rising quickly again after the Great Recession, and how they will flip us into feedback loops in the Arctic within 20 years. These stories hunt in packs, … Continue reading

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pony convention on the landing

I knew that playing with ponies was an important part of princess training, and I knew we had picked up a few along the way. Just exactly how many had slipped by me unawares, though, until they all got together:

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everybody’s doing it

Talking about the death of Osama bin Laden, that is. There have been so many opinions flying around that it’s not a case of saying anything new, just picking what to agree with. Which, for me is: if you live … Continue reading

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princessing: a serious business

Last weekend: Kyria kept pestering me all Friday morning to switch on the TV so she could watch the royal wedding. Eventually, a couple of hours before it was due to start, I did; she and Natasha sat rapt in … Continue reading

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