everybody’s doing it

Talking about the death of Osama bin Laden, that is. There have been so many opinions flying around that it’s not a case of saying anything new, just picking what to agree with. Which, for me is:

  • if you live by the sword (especially when you had the privileges to have chosen not to)  you ought to expect to die by the sword, perfunctorily, without much mercy or sympathy, when your enemies catch up with you
  •  yes, it would be nice if due process had been followed and he had been brought to trial (no doubt to expose himself at length as a hate-filled fanatic), but you can’t expect the high priest of the suicide bomb to be treated as though he wasn’t likely to blow himself and his adversaries to bits, so it’s not surprising that his adversaries shot him rather than taking any chances
  • yes, he was telegenic and charismatic, but that shouldn’t disguise the fact that if he had ever come to power anywhere he would have made life nasty and miserable not just for infidels like me and my family and friends, but for most Muslims with normal human aspirations too
  • death is never good to rejoice at, but certainly in this case nothing to mourn.

When it comes down to it, he was a death-worshipper and a nihilist (and, it turns out, vain with it); and zero minus zero is still zero.

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