crackdown, they say

The papers say that there is to be a crackdown on dangerous driving, with fines and cars impounded for running red lights, weaving in and out of traffic at speed, and driving on the shoulder. The story seems to come round about once a year, and of course it’s welcome if true, though in the past nothing has actually happened.

For me the worst thing about the driving culture is none of those things (though the knowledge that someone may attack you on the shoulder does cause additional stress to the courteous, disciplined driver), but some people’s inability to keep distance. I just don’t think many people understand the dangers of driving so close behind another car; and then there is a minority who think they have the right to do so because everyone else should get out of the way for them.

Speaking of these people, I also have to wonder whether, if there is a crackdown, it will be enforced on those in the expensive, aggressive cars who are often the worst offenders…

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