singing fascination

In a disused church in Aachen, an exhibition by a local artist, Lion Ebergard. He has taken Picasso’s trick with eyes and put it at the centre of his work: it is surprising how much eyes pointing in different directions, or simply closed, can say about inner states, especially as an indicator of attention. Here’s one:


There are others at

In one of the little squares around town, another piece of Europe’s glory: another city, another evening, another free concert. A Swiss female vocal trio, dressed all in black, are performing strange dances in sculptural poses to go along with their thoughtful, eccentric, staccato harmonizing. They are accompanied by a man playing all manner of never-before-seen percussion instruments. They call themselves Nørn, after the female trio of Norse spirit beings who determined the fates of men. Here is a sample from YouTube.

They are sufficiently convincing that I spend €15 on a CD…

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