déjeuner sur l’herbe (minus naked woman)

Louisa and Robin and I went to a concert in the Parc Floral, next to Chateau de Vincennes on the edge of Paris They have trees that aren’t planted in straight lines – in fact they aren’t planted at all, they just grow!


The open-air concert space was right by the lake:


This was part of the Paris Jazz Festival. It cost €5 to get into the park, but after that the concert was free. The first band was made up of a guy with a giant tambourine, accompanied by a piano and a saxophone:

The second band was a 17-piece horn ensemble, who seemed to inspire this juggler – you can hear them in the background:

Louisa and Robin say hello:

I love the French sense of civic humour: is this a lemon-squeezer, or what?


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