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Sunday lunchtime, grey sky, almost no-one in the streets. a young nutter sat on the pavement, cheerfully declaiming. An entire Russian brass band busking, and all the other buskers within earshot playing along; later, a six-piece English rock band with … Continue reading

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the Pharaoh’s fist

a chill Sudanese lion from the Pharaonic period, in the British Museum: but check out this Pharaoh’s fist, from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, a little over 3000 years ago: and if you didn’t much fancy being subject to that, your … Continue reading

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home soil

I landed in London at 6 in the morning. People are really friendly. Everything moves slowly, and there seems so much space and time between objects. Almost nobody employed in London, apart from the guys with the green fluorescent waistcoats … Continue reading

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