tiles and tombs

The Turks may have destroyed Byzantium, but to replace the mosaics they brought ceramics.  This is the Topkapi, palace of the Ottoman sultans. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

26.10.12 Istanbul-19 Topkapi Divan 26.10.12 Istanbul-20 Topkapi ceiling 26.10.12 Istanbul-23 Topkapi ceiling26.10.12 Istanbul-29 Topkapi harem 26.10.12 Istanbul-33 Topkapi harem 26.10.12 Istanbul-35 Topkapi harem26.10.12 Istanbul-40 Topkapi harem Sinan room 26.10.12 Istanbul-43 Topkapi harem

Those were for the living, but they did it for the dead too, building spectacular tombs for the Sultans and their families in the grounds of Aya Sofia:

27.10.12 Istanbul-12 sultan tombs 27.10.12 Istanbul-15 sultan tombs 27.10.12 Istanbul-16 sultan tombs 27.10.12 Istanbul-17 sultan tombs 27.10.12 Istanbul-18 sultan tombs

These tiny caskets are a poignant reminder of how infant mortality affected even the rich and powerful in those days:

27.10.12 Istanbul-19 sultan tombs

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